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Sharkavid Online Mastering

Digital Mastering Service in/ off/ from/ based at/ Berlin/ Brandenburg/ Germany/ Planet Earth...
Who actually cares where the quality comes from ;-)...



3-decades & 3000-weeks & 300 musicians later -> I know how to use my engineering skills and tools to bring your music to recording industry standards while refining and meliorating your mix!
My personal signature taunt is using 'Joni Mitchells' and 'Led Zeppelin's sound as reference! If you're ok with that, let`s talk on the phone and meet each other on par!



as sharkmaster I do not do some sorts of things like...

  1. editing and cutting
  2. rearranging
  3. out or in fading
  4. rogue dithering
  5. leveling soundwise



as sharkmaster I do some sorts of things like...

  1. peace, love and ohm
  2. der markt regelt das
  3. sweet your dreams...
  4. i am your killing spree
  5. libe, liebe, liebe...


How it works

Please reach out to me! Preferably via mobile/whatsapp (0049 176 1024 2293) or on social media ( @sharkavid )! Mutual connection is all what it`s about!


Service of mine

Product Price
CORONA KAMPFPREIS SINGLE TRACK ( Two revisions included!) 39€
EP Mastering (3-6 Tracks | 30 minutes max) 500€
LP Mastering (7-10 Tracks | 60 minutes max) 1000€
LP Mastering (11-15 Tracks | 90 minutes max) 2000€
mp3, ogg , flac and dithered export included
DDP creation for reproduction 32€
quantity discount or reduction for social projects are highly welcome upon agreement!


Recent Projects

Aenona Music (EP 2022) | Caramel Sons (LP 2021, EP 2020) | Krypto Kosmetik (Recording, Mixing, Mastering).


[Impressive] Musicians I have worked with

Jazz No Kissing | Rymm | Moment's Concept | Abisko Lights | Sabeth Pérez Quartett | Zola Mennenoeh | Salomea | Flamink | Hallo Julia! | Filippa Gojo Quartett | Oloyé | Beat Freisens Spelunkenorchester | Hannes Buder | Ekkehard Wölk | Matthias Rethberg Trio | Tobias Morgenstern | Arne Donadell Quartett | Tsching | Berit Jung | Jeaneatte Hubert | Offshore | Please Spring | Das blaue Pony | Nachtfarben | Lautmaler. Pop Alin Coen | Sven van Tom | Kat Frankie | Kashmir | TV Noir | Caramel Sons | Quiddle | Krypto Kosmetik | Leonora Hesse | Minimum | Simon the Russian | Sanagi | Project Aquarius | Dynastatic Lala, Tienf | Rock: Johnossi | The Subways | Disco Ensemble | Sparzanza | Olympus Mons | You say party! we say die! | Rockass | Sienna Root | Slick Fitty | Mohair | Gus Black | Spitting of Tall Buildings | Is Watt | Afraid of Heights. Metal & Punk: First Aid | Postmortem | Casual Barcelona | Place of Skulls | No Exit | OHL | Der dicke Polizist | Dödelhaie | Troopers | Discipline | Die Kassierer | Sham69 | One Target.


Impress/Flac: David Dwier | Letschiner Str. 2, DE-15306 Gusow-Platkow | Tax-Nr.: 064/214/05563 FA Strausberg
DSGVO: This website does not use any cookies or analytics, it is plain html and css. So no personal data is stored or processed in any form. If you contact me via mail, I will delete your personal data after the working process is over. However, I have to keep an invoice copy for the Finanzamt for 10 years. This invoice is stored digitaly and encrypted localy on a harddrive of my own!
Terms of Use: If we agree to work together, invoice will be written upon agreement until everybody is satisfied. However you may pledge for a refund wihtin 14 days upon delivery.